5 Years at Citrix!

I’ve just passed 5 year mark in my Citrix career and I say those years were really exciting! Incidentally at the same time, on 14th of October 2003 I started doing true memory dump analysis in WinDbg-sense of it despite the fact that I’d been doing debugging since 1987 and encountered the first symbolic assembly language debugger on PDP-11 RSX-11M Russian clone in 1988. Also 5 years ago I made my transition from software engineering world to software technical support and started my journey to become a manager.

I’ve put a timeline on a portal accessible from the main page or from the following link:


The timeline will help me in the future to write my memoirs (Crash Dump: A Software Engineering Autobiography, ISBN: 978-1906717193).

Finally, to record the glorious Citrixofication of the world by various CitrixwareOpentask decided to publish a book where I plan to be an editor of various contributors and probably write a chapter or two myself:

Discovering Citrixware (ISBN: 978-1906717278) 

It is not about troubleshooting but more in a sense of discovery. More details will be announced later.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ DumpAnalysis.org -

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