Citrix joins Symbol Server Club!

Today Citrix officially joined the club of public symbol server companies! Please refer to the following article for details:

How to Use the Citrix Symbol Server to Obtain Debug Symbols

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

4 Responses to “Citrix joins Symbol Server Club!”

  1. Koby Kahane Says:

    Who are the other companies (besides Microsoft) who have a public symbol store? It would be nice to publish such a list on the blog, so there’s a single location where crush dump analysts who encounter foreign code in call stacks can see if there’s a relevant third-party symbol store for them to utilize while reviewing the memory dump.

    From my experience, the lack of public symbols is mostly a problem when it comes to third-party drivers. These very rarely have PDBs (with the notable exception of a network driver I encountered once, whose .CAB included not just a .PDB, but complete *private* symbols as well). Another big offender is anti-virus products. Their file-system filter drivers involve themselves in various I/O call stacks, but without symbols available they often mess up the stack backtrace and debugging interactions with them can be quite a chore.

  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    I totally agree, for example, I would appreciate if Sun publishes the symbols for their JVM. Also MS should make Office symbols available as well as OS :-)

  3. Yuhong Bao Says:

    Mozilla have a symbol server at for debugging Firefox.
    Google have a symbol server at for debugging Chrome.
    Note that these symbol servers contain private symbols, which can be quite large.

  4. Andrey Fedyashov Says:

    Dmitry, is it possible to ask Citrix to also provide symbols for the Citrix Clients (wfica.ocx and others)?

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