Software Narrative Planes

Based on an idea of expression and content planes from glossematics with a basic unit of glosseme we can organize software traces with corresponding patterns and software trace narremes (basic units of software narrative such as traces and event logs) into 2 planes: software trace narrative plane (expression) with narremes and the corresponding program lines of traces (PLOTs) source code and design plane (content) with their own set of construction narremes such as collaboration of software constructs. All this corresponds to the following diagram:

The same can be said about actor interaction level of software construction (what ought to be) and post-construction (what is) phases having their own construction and post-construction narratives, patterns and narremes such as in requirements (use cases) and in problem and software incident descriptions:

In the forthcoming articles I provide more examples and explanations including specific software narremes useful from the practical post-construction software problem solving perspective. Please also register for the forthcoming free Webinar: Introduction to Software Narratology where I plan to provide a coherent overview of this new field.

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