Memoidealism as Monistic Aspect Pluralism

If memory is the basis of everything we might think that memoidealism is a kind of dual aspect monism or plural aspect monism, where mind, body and perhaps many other aspects are manifestations of one single memory substance. Or perhaps, memory is the same as matter or the realm of ideas (materialism or some sort of idealism), and memoidealism is the kind of monism. Or memory is the same or not the same as mind or matter and can be associated with one side of dualism. Not at all, memory is the aspect or attribute of mind, body and other substances, possibly itself. This can be illustrated on the following picture:


If there are only 2 substances then we have monistic aspect dualism as an extension of monism, for example, the extension of idealism:

or the extension of materialism (memuonic theory, memuonics):

Therefore, Memory is a substance and an aspect (attribute) at the same time. This is the essence of MAP (Monistic Aspect Pluralism).

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