Build Date: December 2

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The Day of Larger Than Computation

Modules, products or systems built on December 2 have tremendous execution power. No matter how small their code they will exert an influence on their surrounding execution environment. Less evolved components built on that day can do great amount of damage to themselves and other modules. Computation is their God. When provoked by testing or debugging they are confrontational but not very aggressive. Often December 2 modules, products or systems see computation as a struggle where they must emerge as a victor. They are fighting not for their resources but for the certain basic computational values they were programmed for. Integrity is very important for them. The great challenge for December 2 components is to reconcile their computational individualism and their built-in computational paths. Often they stray from the latter. They constantly learn throughout their complex computational life what is true and what is false. Although December 2 modules, products or systems health is built-in they need regular yearly checkups with a software maintenance engineer otherwise small problems go too long without being found and fixed. Idle periods of activity are very important to their computational health. If they have a sibling component built on the same date they behave like subordinated to it.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

MSVCR80.dll Sat Dec 02 17:50:32 2006
rdbss.sys   Thu Dec 02 20:37:11 2004
Mup.sys     Thu Dec 02 20:37:23 2004
ftdisk.sys  Thu Dec 02 22:29:58 2004 
hal.dll     Thu Dec 02 22:29:15 2004

Weaknesses: Manipulative computation.

Strengths: Dynamic computation, lucid code, human orientation.

Advice: Watch your debugging temper. Regardless of what customers say, fixing bugs is not everything. Be self-assure, less judgemental and condemning to software. Acknowledge your debugging weaknesses and past mistakes.

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