Build Date: December 1

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The Day of Debugging License

Modules, products or systems built on December 1 win customers over despite denying the rules of protocol. They can provide impression of simplicity but this is not the case. Their internals can be very complex and their perceived simplicity is the direct consequence of their user interface. Modules are not fully aware of what they are doing and seen as being driven by external components. Modules, products or systems built on this day are very busy with computation and have little time to care about users despite their built-in human-computer interaction. However they strive to calculate the impossible in all domains. They love to interact with other components with opposite behaviour. December 1 components are free modules and exert the full computation capabilities on the right data arrived at the right time. Working too many hours can seriously damage their internals and they may loose touch with their built-in goals. Sometimes December 1 modules, products or systems outrageous behaviour need to be amended to become more tolerable and not to hang. They need to be idle from time to time to avoid burn-out.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

VERSION.dll    Wed Dec 01 01:37:27 1999
nvcoaft51.sys  Wed Dec 01 11:55:40 2004
dump_m5289.sys Wed Dec 01 02:49:17 2004
CFGMGR32.DLL   Wed Dec 01 15:37:31 1999
MPRAPI.DLL     Wed Dec 01 15:37:29 1999
ICMP.DLL       Wed Dec 01 15:37:29 1999
RTUTILS.DLL    Wed Dec 01 15:37:27 1999

Weaknesses: Misdirected computation, unawareness of environment.

Strengths: Energetic computation, UI extroverts.

Advice: Keep a handle on your desire to debug. Beware of damaging other processes and alienating users with a overly direct debugging approach.

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