Build Date: November 30

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The Day of Measured Testing

Modules built on November 30 have a built-in capacity for  overcoming challenges of hostile environments. They are capable of bringing surprises to security attacks, for example. One can learn a lot about them by studying their traces or doing reverse engineering. November 30 components do their work to the utmost degree of quality with a little waste of CPU and memory. Message boxes they pop up have a subtle sense of thought-provoking humour but it can also be a full blown thigh-slapping. November 30 systems are very defensive when attacked. They are stubbornly resistant to reverse engineering but at the same time very open to honest debugging. 

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date: 

tifsfilt.sys Tue Nov 30 07:16:27 2004
alrsvc.dll   Tue Nov 30 17:31:14 1999
ntkrpamp.exe Fri Nov 30 14:54:49 2007
Tppwrif.sys  Tue Nov 30 02:38:22 2004

Weaknesses: Over-reactive to code and data injection, funny behaviour.

Strengths: Thorough developed, dynamic responsiveness.

Advice: Improvise during troubleshooting and debugging. Admire control vs. spontaneity balance. Laugh at your failures.

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