Abstract Debugging Commands (ADC) Initiative

While working on WinDbg command cards and even before that when compiling a comparison table for both WinDbg and GDB I came to an idea of abstract debugging commands that correspond to common debugging tasks, have clear syntax and semantics and serve metaphorically as a basis for conversion of analog thinking to digital debugger assistance (see analog-to-digital conversion for ADC abbreviation). Here a WinDbg extension can help but now I think about using a tree-based approach similar to CMDTREE.TXT for CDA Checklist. More on this later. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ DumpAnalysis.org -

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  1. Jamie Fenton Says:

    Abstract debugging commands == Metaphysics
    and Debugging Methods = Scientific Methods

    I think a look at the “wire protocols” used in remote debugging might get you closer to the elegant minima than looks at WinDbg, because WinDbg has evolved a bit in response to customer demands, which generally revolve around making one or two things super easy, at the expense of any fundemental improvements in understanding. When it comes time to serialize/deserialize/synchronize representations across a boundary, simplicity is paramount - who wants to worry about what version of the debugger stub somebody has, when you can break down a task into simple steps and not have to reinstall or freak out.

    My guess is that God likes version control managment for the same reasons we do.

  2. Crash Dump Analysis » Blog Archive » Architecture of CARE Says:

    […] Architecture). These abstract logs are checked for various patterns (in abstracted form) using abstract debugger commands and an abstract report is generated according to various checklists. Abstract reports are then […]

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