Googol Dump: A Computational SF Novel

Science fiction books are among my favourite. I used to read lots of them (in Russian) during my school and university years. Also I started reading science fiction in English 8 years ago upon my arrival to Ireland and one of Asimov’s books about Foundation was my first English fiction book fully read from cover to cover. Now I want to write something fictional related to memory dump analysis and the notion of 3-dimensional memory dumps is a fascinating idea to exploit:

Googol Dump - a 3D memory dump where the 3rd dimension is a time arrow of computational 2D memory snapshots.

Note: one googol is 10100 and this number of bits is sufficient enough to record the full history of memory snapshots for 64-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit and even 1024-bit computers running thousands of years.

The novel is planned to be published next year (ISBN: 978-1906717322) and is written from the perspective of a debugger.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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  1. Anthony James Barnett - author Says:

    Sounds a fun book!
    Good luck and good promoting.


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  4. Jamie Fenton Says:

    … and you were probably wondering why a lunatic like me built a memory visualizer on top of video processing API. The next part of the plan is to hook a AVI capture filter into the graph, and burn through hard drive space like an infernal bat.

    I am guessing that the codec used to compress screen captures is probably a good first try so I only have to change hard drives every few minutes.

    We will have a 2D tp 3D space-time converter going rather soon thereafter. Then its only a matter of scaling it up.

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