Flawless writing with Google

Management Bits and Tips 0×1 - Many managers have flawless writing skills (bit). Use Google to check your writing (tip).

It is especially important for non-native English speakers like me. You can search simple sub-sentences and their alterations to compare search results.

For example, today I had a discussion about this sub-sentence:

“It’s main advantage is “

It gives 539 search results. However the sentence without apostrophe

“Its main advantage is “

gives 8,870 search results. Let’s check combinations with two “it”.

  • “It’s main advantage is it’s ” - 192
  • “Its main advantage is it’s ” - 0
  • “It’s main advantage is its ” - 299
  • “Its main advantage is its ” - 836

So you get the idea of what is more correct or more widely used from descriptive grammar point of view. 

- Dmitry Vostokov @ DumpAnalysis.org -

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    Someone immediately registered bitsandtips domain on the date of this post, what a coincidence :-)

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