Crash Dump Analysis AntiPatterns (Part 7)

Be language - excessive use of “is”. This anti-pattern was inspired by Alfred Korzybski notion of how “is” affects our understanding of the world. In the context of technical support the use of certain verbs sometimes leads to wrong troubleshooting and debugging paths. For example, the following phrase:

It is our pool tag. It is effected by driver A, driver B and driver C.  

Surely driver A, driver B and driver C were not developed by the same company that introduced the problem pool tag (smells Alien Component here). Unless supported by solid evidence the better phrase shall be:

It is our pool tag. It might have been effected by driver A, driver B or driver C.  

I’m not advocating to completely eradicate “be” verbs as was done in E-Prime language but to be conscious in their use. Thanks to Simple*ology in pointing me to the right direction.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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