Is there any life inside Windows?

This question came into my mind while reading the fascinating book “Life Itself: A Comprehensive Inquiry into the Nature, Origin, and Fabrication of Life” written by theoretical biologist Robert Rosen and recalling that 13-14 years ago one Unix guru saw a Matt Pietrek’s book “Windows Internals” about Windows 3.x and asked me a rhetorical question: “Is there a life?”. Now we can ask the question again: “Is there any life inside a contemporary computer system?”.

Jokes apart, Rosen’s book about life is the most interesting science book I have ever read. It is a bit mathematical but doesn’t require more mathematical maturity than general science undergraduate level and even covers Category Theory in the context of modeling systems. Most people learnt about sets and their foundational nature at school or university but have never heard about a different approach via categories. Hopefully, this book will provide the right answer to me when I finish reading it.

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  1. LK Says:

    Yes, if you are talking about WOODEN (or metal) Windows, otherwise we have to wait till you finish your book. :-)

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