Musical Dumps: Dump2Wave

Dump2Wave command line tool is available for free download:

Download Dump2Wave

Simply run it from the command prompt and specify full paths to dump file and output WAV file. Dump file will be converted by default into 44.1KHz 16bit stereo WAV file (CD quality). You can specify you own conversion parameters like samples per second (22050, 11025, etc), bits per sample (8 or 16) and the number of channels (1 - mono, 2 - stereo):

For example, I converted sndrec32.dmp to sndrec32.wav:

The dump was taken after sndrec32.exe played “Windows XP Logon Sound.wav” file from \Windows\Media folder and that wave file was originally sampled as 22050Hz 16bits stereo. By listening to sndrec32.dmp I was able to hear a fragment from that logon sound because it was stored in a buffer inside sndrec32.exe process.

Note: Dump2Wave will not convert a dump file which is greater than 4Gb. Forthcoming DumpPlayer will be able to play large complete memory dumps in real-time without conversion and you could graphically choose a region to play.

Just a reminder on how you can save a dump manually (unless you have a dump from application crash or BSOD):

Dumping Processes Without Breaking Them

Microsoft User Mode Process Dumper

How to Attach NTSD to a Process and Save a Dump

How to Attach WinDbg to a Process

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    How to use Dump2Wave from WinDbg:

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    Source code:

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