Malware Analysis Patterns (Part 23)

Out-of-Module Pointer pattern is about pointers to addresses outside the container module range. Typical example here would be some kernel table or structure, for example, a driver IRP dispatch table having pointers to outside that driver module address range. Other examples may include 32-bit SSDT pointing outside nt module range and IDT entries pointing outside hal and expected drivers:

818809dc 8193c4e7 nt!NtQueryOpenSubKeys
818809e0 8193c76b nt!NtQueryOpenSubKeysEx
818809e4 81a909b0 nt!NtQueryPerformanceCounter
818809e8 819920e7 nt!NtQueryQuotaInformationFile
818809ec 819e34f2 nt!NtQuerySection
818809f0 819f470b nt!NtQuerySecurityObject
818809f4 81a882fe nt!NtQuerySemaphore
818809f8 819eff54 nt!NtQuerySymbolicLinkObject
818809fc 81a8a223 nt!NtQuerySystemEnvironmentValue
81880a00 81a8a831 nt!NtQuerySystemEnvironmentValueEx
81880a04 96ca1a73
81880a08 81a7ac06 nt!NtQuerySystemTime
81880a0c 81a8f913 nt!NtQueryTimer
81880a10 81a7aeeb nt!NtQueryTimerResolution
81880a14 8193985a nt!NtQueryValueKey
81880a18 819e9273 nt!NtQueryVirtualMemory
81880a1c 8199274e nt!NtQueryVolumeInformationFile
81880a20 81a1a655 nt!NtQueueApcThread

0: kd> lm m nt
start end module name
81800000 81ba1000 nt

Such pointers may also be Raw Pointers but it also could be the case that all pointers are raw in the absence of symbols with only a few outside of the expected range.

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