Crash Dump Analysis Patterns (Part 18, Mac OS X)

This is a Mac OS X / GDB counterpart to Truncated Dump pattern previously described for Windows platforms:

(gdb) info threads
Cannot access memory at address 0x7fff885e9e42
4 0x00007fff885e9e42 in ?? ()
3 0x00007fff885e9e42 in ?? ()
2 0x00007fff885e9e42 in ?? ()
* 1 0x00007fff885e9e42 in ?? ()
warning: Couldn't restore frame in current thread, at frame 0
0x00007fff885e9e42 in ?? ()

(gdb) disass 0x00007fff885e9e42
No function contains specified address.

(gdb) info r rsp
rsp 0x7fff67fe8a18 0x7fff67fe8a18

(gdb) x/100a 0x7fff67fe8a18
0x7fff67fe8a18: Cannot access memory at address 0x7fff67fe8a18

This often happens if there is no space to save a full core dump.

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