Windows Debugging Expert System WinDbg Extension

Got an insider information from Memory Dump Analysis Services that they are developing a Prolog extension for memory dump analysis. Indeed, after asking their development team, I got a proof of concept extension DLL that works on my computer after installing x64 version of SWI-Prolog and copying wdes.dll to pl \ bin installation folder:

0: kd> .load C:\Program Files\pl\bin\wdes.dll

0: kd> !help
Help for Windows Debugging Expert System wdes.dll
   help               - Shows this help
   pload              - Loads Prolog interpretor

0: kd> !pload
SWI-Prolog has been loaded

So far so good. Waiting for more extension commands. Perhaps, one day, this extension realizes my dream reminisced while testing a Python extension.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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