The Year of Dump Analysis in Retrospection

The Year of Dump Analysis, 0×7DA, was another remarkable year for Here is the list of major achievements to report:

- Proposed software narratological framework

- Extended the concept of multithreading with adjoint threading

- After recognizing victimware as a counterpart to crimeware established (currently points to Memory Dump, Software Trace, Debugging and Malware Analysis Portal)

- Established the Dublin School of Security

- Proposed using category theory for memory dump analysis as an alternative to set-theoretical frameworks

- Secured the first Memory Dump Analysis Audit Service and its subsidiary Tool Objects: Unified Troubleshooting and Debugging to become portal sponsors

- Completely redesigned Debugging Experts Magazine Online

- Contributed to two issues of Debugged! MZ/PE magazine: Multithreading and Tools for Software Problem Solving

- Published the 4th volume of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology with color supplement

- Prepared material for the 5th volume of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology (to be published in January, 2011)

- Organized the first Debugging Jokes Competition and the first Tell Your Windows Debugging Story Competition

- Established the Metaphysical Society of Ireland to promote memory dump worldview

- Helped to deliver Fundamentals of Complete Crash and Hang Memory Dump Analysis webinar

- Established the Museum of Debugging and Memory Dumps (the 1st exhibition opens in 2011)

- Introduced Unified Debugging patterns, Workaround patterns and Structural Memory Analysis patterns

- Proposed and organized the first Memory Analysts and Debuggers Day (to be celebrated annually)

- Continued working on CARE research project and published its reference architecture

- Unified memory dump and software trace analysis patterns as software behavior patterns

- Memory Dump Analysis Anthology got international recognition when Korean translation of 1st volume was published

… and much more including many new memory dump and software trace analysis patterns, pattern icons, pattern models, and pattern-driven analysis case studies.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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