Mad OS and other Publishing Blunders

While thinking about writing an operating system for memory analysis and debugging I decided to check the abbreviation and found this publishing data submission error (I hope that was not intentional) for the book Canvas 5 URW Type Library, Mad OS and Windows by Editor. I put a screenshot just in case it is fixed when you are reading this post:

Further forward thinking led me to design the front cover for a book “Bugs in Publishing” (ISBN: 978-1906717803):

In my journey as a publisher (OpenTask) I did a lot of debugging, for example, my first printed book was without page numbers on pages (but they were present in the table of contents) :-)

Now small print:

Please do not even think that the delayed book is about switching to Mac OS X! It is only about publishing: all other interpretations are products of your wild imagination and a publisher does not assume any responsibility for the damage done…

- Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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