Software Glitches as Art

Just noticed this little book and ordered it to browse and write a review later Glitch: Designing Imperfection

Notice the patterns with glitches on the cover similar to the fabric of memory and some pictures from inside remind me natural memory visualization images you can find in the print form in DLL List Landscape: The Art from Computer Memory Space book. I would therefore welcome the fact that the memory space art has more and more followers (and becomes the true art movement according to the institutional theory of art). There are more art books coming later this year:

  • Patterns of Computer Memory (ISBN: 978-1906717711)

  • Spikes, Hangs, Crashes, Leaks and Dumps of Imagination: The Art of the Debugging Art (ISBN: 978-1906717841)

  • Also the museum of debugging and memory dumps will hold an exhibition soon.

    In a few days the following book about glitches (as negative business impact annoyances) will be released:

    Glitch: The Hidden Impact of Faulty Software

    “Search inside the book” on Amazon suggests that the latter book doesn’t consider the positive impact of glitches including art but, anyway, because of my speciality in software debugging and maintenance I would like to review that book too.

    - Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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