ALPC wait chains, missing threads, waiting thread time and semantic process coupling: pattern cooperation

In a complete memory dump we could see ALPC wait chains leading to ServiceA.exe process with a queue of 372 messages. Additionally we could also see ServiceB.exe process waiting for ServiceC.exe with the latter having a queue of 201 messages. Threads that were supposed to process some messages didn’t exist. ServiceC process had a thread that was waiting for ServiceA.exe as well. But there was no any indication for a thread-2-thread deadlock. We could also see that threads waiting for ServiceA.exe sometimes had the greater waiting time than threads waiting for ServiceC so it could be the case that the problem initially started with ServiceA.exe. However, after more thorough analysis we could also see several terminating ApplicationD.exe processes with just one thread waiting in ModuleE with the waiting time exceeding the waiting time of blocked threads waiting for ServiceA and ServiceC. Because of semantic process coupling between ServiceA and ApplicationD it was decided that ModuleE was responsible and its vendor was contacted for updates.

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