Memory Dump Analysis Certification (Part 1)

This is an example from the sample question set of the forthcoming memory dump analysis certification planned by Memory Analysis and Debugging Institute. You can reply to this post with your answers.

Q. Interpret the fragment from WinDbg output below.

0:002> !teb
TEB at 7efaf000

0:002> dds poi(7efaf000+8) poi(7efaf000+4)
01192000  00000000
01192004  00000000
01192008  00000000
0119e448  00010020
0119e44c  00030002
0119e450  00050004
0119e454  00070006
0119e458  00090008
0119e45c  000b000a
0119e460  000d000c
0119e464  000f000e
0119e468  00110010
0119e46c  00130012
0119e470  00150014
0119e474  00170016
0119e478  00190018
0119e47c  001b001a
0119e480  001d001c
0119e484  001f001e
0119e488  00210020
0119e48c  00230022
0119e490  00250024
0119e494  00270026
0119e498  00290028
0119e49c  002b002a
0119e4a0  002d002c
0119e4a4  002f002e
0119e4a8  00310030
0119e4ac  00330032
0119e4b0  00350034
0119e4b4  00370036
0119e4b8  00390038
0119e4bc  003b003a
0119e4c0  003d003c
0119e4c4  003f003e
0119e4c8  00410040 MyService!__InternalCxxFrameHandler+0x5c
0119e4cc  00430042
0119e4d0  00450044
0119e4d4  00470046
0119e4d8  00490048
0119e4dc  004b004a
0119e4e0  004d004c
0119e4e4  004f004e
0119e4e8  00510050 advapi32!`string'+0x164
0119e4ec  00530052 advapi32!GetPerflibKeyValue+0x184
0119e4f0  00550054 advapi32!`string'+0x20c
0119e4f4  00570056 advapi32!_NULL_IMPORT_DESCRIPTOR+0x2714
0119e4f8  00590058 advapi32!szPerflibSectionName <PERF> (advapi32+0x90058)
0119e4fc  005b005a shlwapi!_CRT_INIT+0xaf
0119e500  005d005c shlwapi!_OpenProgidKey+0xee
0119e504  005f005e shlwapi!_pRawDllMain <PERF> (shlwapi+0x5005e)
0119e508  00410060 MyService!__InternalCxxFrameHandler+0x7c
0119e50c  00430042
0119e510  00450044
0119e514  00470046
0119e518  00490048
0119e51c  004b004a
0119e520  004d004c
0119e524  004f004e
0119e528  00510050 advapi32!`string'+0x164
0119e52c  00530052 advapi32!GetPerflibKeyValue+0x184
0119e530  00550054 advapi32!`string'+0x20c
0119e534  00570056 advapi32!_NULL_IMPORT_DESCRIPTOR+0x2714
0119e538  00590058 advapi32!szPerflibSectionName <PERF> (advapi32+0x90058)
0119e53c  007b005a
0119e540  007d007c
0119e544  007f007e

Choose all answers that are valid:

a. ASCII string fragment
b. Raw stack data
c. Exception handling
d. UNICODE string fragment
e. Partial stack traces
f. Performance monitoring
g. Execution residue

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  2. Irshad Ali Chowdhary Says:

    I am intrested in Microsoft Specified Technology Specialist(Internal)certification. Kidly let me know the amount and course material for this certification.

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