Music for Debugging: Some Bugs Never Disappear

If you complain about heap corruption again or type !locks every day and see pages of output filled with columns the following album from Supertramp reminds us that

Some Things Never Change

Here is my track name interpretation:

1. It’s a Buggy World
2. You Code, I Debug
3. Let’s Debug Together
4. Live to Debug It
5. Some Bugs Never Disappear
6. Read My Bug Report Please
7. Sooner or Later I Fix It
8. Help Me Down that Code Path
9. And the Customer
10. Il Est De Mon Bug!
11. Where There’s a Bug

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

One Response to “Music for Debugging: Some Bugs Never Disappear”

  1. Jamie Fenton Says:

    SuperTramp Show == zero bugs

    I went to a concert they put on a long-long-long time ago (circa “Crime of the Century”). They played an entire show perfectly, and their engineers made a lackluster venue in Milwaukee sound perfect.

    It was a Tour de Force that I have not seen equaled since.

    – Jamie

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