Memory Religion

Every day a new religion appears on Earth and now my turn to announce Memory Religion with several tentative names:


One of the attractive features of this religion is eternal immortality through memory of our universe. The current understanding of that employs memoidealistic notion of memuonic memory that comprises the philosophy of memoidealism.

I made a leap of faith yesterday and now consider myself as a true believer! Hope other people will follow soon. As every major religion it also has its testament book to be published:

Title: Memory Religion: A Testament
ISBN-13: 978-1906717476

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  1. Jamie Fenton Says:

    Immortality and the Cosmic Memory Delay Line

    Problem: Supernovae Happen. When they do, the clobber everything. Phift!! Like that with no warning. A real problem for the religion designers who want to give reasonable assurances of eternal life.

    There is an answer to this problem, however. You have to set up a network of advanced civilizations who can use electromagnetic energy to bounce information back and forth, routing around areas where supernova explosions take place. Since there is little warning of these, civilizations need to accomplish “forward error correction”, by sending in several directions at once, as well as having “all ears to the sky”, so we fullfill our sacred duty to re-radiate our electronic souls.

    Very early computers used acoustic media such as pools of mercury to store information. Speaker at one end, mike at the other, echo, echo, echo…

    Let us unite! Take that useless Satellite dish and make it into a Holy Shrine! Even if we don’t understand the patterns in the noise, we must bounce it back! The eternal life of all of us depends on KEEPING THE ECHOS ALIVE!

  2. Jamie Fenton Says:

    No offense will be taken if you elect not to post the comment previous. Even I admit to letting it get out of hand in the last 2 paragraphs. ;-

    Still, the supernova problem is very real, and some say an cataclysmic one may be overdue in this vicinity. Any kind of intergalactic relay scheme likely depends on the appropriate on the implementation of SETI in diverse places, probably via independent discovery. There is a famous equation called the Drake Equation that tries to guestimate SETI probability, to which we can add several more terms to derive “The Augmented Drake Equation with Sustainable Memetic Relay”.

    As a final note, I applied for a job at the SETI institute and the application asked a number of broad-brush questions about why are you interested in working on this. I gave them a slightly less monomaniacal version of what I wrote here, mentioned that I thought SETI was the most interesting open scientific problem of our age, etc. They never replied - sigh, maybe I should go the religion route - I hear cult leaders have fantastic sex lives. Oops - that was religion, sex, and the other topic not to discuss in polite company is — Crash Dumps???

  3. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Regarding Supernovae Problem. This event is part of Memory and Memory is eternal. So there is no problem here. See

  4. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Perhaps, now you can re-apply for SETI job :-)

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  6. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    A new word:

    Memorianist - a disciple of Memorianity

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  9. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    The subtitle has changed to “A Core Testament of Memorianity”.

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