CMDTREE.TXT for CDA Checklist

Thanks to Roberto Farah who blogged about .cmdtree command I was able to create the first version of cmdtree.txt for Crash Dump Analysis Checklist to include common commands that I use. It can be found here:

CMDTREE.TXT for .cmdtree WinDbg command

The link to the file was also added to:

Here is the screenshot of it:

It is useful for complex commands including command sequences and scripts. You can also include special guidelines and reminders as well. In the latter cases you can specify empty command or output something you prefer with .echo, for example command templates to fill manually.

This seems to be similar to EasyDbg

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    […] CMDTREE.TXT was also updated with this command […]

  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Added procesor architecture switch command for WOW64 dumps

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    […] ADC). Here a WinDbg extension can help but now I think about using a tree-based approach similar to CMDTREE.TXT for CDA Checklist. More on this later. Any comments or suggestions are greatly […]

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