Memory Dump Analysis and Computationalism

Computer consciousness, the mind / body problem for computers, life inside the machine - all these topics are of great interest to me after I read Rosen’s book and wrote this post:

Is there any life inside Windows?

Although the book says there is no life there I still cannot believe it. To educate myself in recent developments in the computational theory of mind I opened this book:

Computationalism: New Directions

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If minds ultimately happen to be computers why not the other way around?

I removed the book jacket and found that it is yellow, almost like the spine and the title of my Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 1! This really reinforced my dream about memory slices from thinking computers :-) Here is the picture of the book with its jacket removed:

Jokes apart, this book is really good in removing narrowness of the current computer science education we get as undergraduates. I will post a review on my Literate Scientist blog as soon as I read through sufficient number of pages.

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