Crash Dumps and Science Fiction

I read science fiction from time to time now (I was a big fan of it back to school and university days) but I cannot recall memory dumps mentioned explicitly in such books. I’ve just finished reading Dan Simmons’s The Fall of Hyperion book (the sequel to Hyperion book that I read previously) and I recall in chapter 33 on page 303 a poetic description of a process crash (italics are mine):

“Johnny twists a second in the AI’s massive grip (fault injection?), and then his analog - Keats’s small but beautiful body (GUI?) - is torn, compacted, smashed into an unrecognizable mass (corrupt dump?) which Ummon sets against his megalith flesh (private bytes?), absorbing the analogs’s remains (overwriting discarded pages?) back into the orange-and-red depths of itself (working set?).”  

PS: Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion is the best science fiction I have ever read and highly recommend:


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The Fall of Hyperion

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I continue looking for crash dumps in Dan Simmons’s Endymion and Rise of Endymion books which are on my lunch time reading list as soon as I finish Global Conspiracy book I’m reading now.  

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  1. Ed Kokkila Says:


    I also liked those books. The follow on books, “Endymion” and “Rise of Endymion” are equally great.


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