Crash Dumps and Global Conspiracy

I’m reading a book now about global conspiracy to educate myself about various such theories and just for fun. There are Matrix-style conspiracy theories where we are like computer programs. Looking from crash dump analysis and debugging perspective I thought about this: can a process detect its own past crash dumps? Obviously yes, if the code was written with such intention. If the code was written without such intention but is complex enough to generate additional code or reuse the existing one to train itself in such procedure then it can detect past crash dumps too. You see where I’m heading now :-) If we can see our past crash dumps then this will be the proof that we live in a Matrix-type world. The link to the book I’m reading now is below and I promise to write a review when I finish it.

Yet another thought - are there any secret software engineering societies (SSES)? Can we see patterns in memory dumps linking to alien code?

The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy

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