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Debugging and understanding multithreaded programs is hard and sometimes it requires running several execution paths mentally. Listening to composers who use multithreading in music can help here. My favourite is J.S. Bach and I recently purchased his complete works (155 CD box from Brilliant Classics). Virtuoso music helps me in live debugging too and here my favourites are Chopin and Liszt. I recently purchased 30 CD box of complete Chopin works (also from Brilliant Classics).

Many software engineers listen to music when writing code and I’m not the exception. However, I have found that not all music suitable for programming helps me during debugging sessions.

Music for relaxation, quiet classical or modern music helps me to think about program design and write solid code. Music with several melodies played simultaneously, heroic and virtuoso works help me to achieve breakthrough and find a bug. The latter kind of music also suits me for listening when doing crash dump analysis or problem troubleshooting.

In 1997 I read a wonderful book “Zen of Windows 95 Programming: Master the Art of Moving to Windows 95 and Creating High-Performance Windows Applications” written by Lou Grinzo and this book provides some music suggestions to listen to while doing programming.

Recently I’ve found one research project related to audio debugging, mapping source code to musical structures

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  1. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Recently bought Beethoven (Complete works, 100CDs) from Brilliant Classics and it looks like excellent music for crash dump analysis too.

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