WinDbg tips and tricks: hypertext commands

You may know that the recent versions of WinDbg have RichEdit command output window that allows to do syntax highlighting and simulate hyperlinks.

Tooltip from WindowHistory shows window class:

However you may not know there is Debugger Markup Language (DML) and there are new commands that take advantage of it. For documentation please look at dml.doc located in your Debugging Tools for Windows folder.

Here is the output of some commands:


Here we can click on a process link and get the list of threads:

We can click either on “Full details” link or on an individual thread link to see its call stack. If we select “user-mode state” link we get automatic switch to process context (useful for complete memory dumps):

kd> .process /p /r 0x8342c128
Implicit process is now 8342c128
Loading User Symbols

You can also navigate frames and local variables very easily:

If you click on a thread name (No name here) you get its context:

Clicking on a number sets the scope and shows local variables (if you have full PDB files):


Similar command is kM:

Another useful command is lmD where you can easily inspect modules:

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  1. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    .prefer_dml 1 will make DML default. Thanks to Alex Wilkinson for the tip

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