userdump.exe on x64

If you install the latest Microsoft user mode process dumper on x64 Windows you would see both x86 and x64 folders. 

Advice: do not dump 32-bit applications and services (shown as *32 in Task Manager) using userdump.exe from x64 folder: use userdump.exe from x86 folder. 32-bit application runs in WOW64 emulation layer on x64 Windows and that emulation layer is itself native 64-bit process so x64 userdump.exe saves that emulation layer not your original 32-bit application. If you open that dump in WinDbg you would see WOW64 thread stacks not thread stacks from your original 32-bit application. 

In summary, on x64 Windows

to save a dump of 64-bit application use:

  • x64\userdump.exe
  • \Windows\System32\ntsd.exe
  • 64-bit version of WinDbg.exe

to save a dump of 32-bit application use:

  • x86\userdump.exe
  • \Windows\SysWOW64\ntsd.exe
  • 32-bit WinDbg.exe  

- Dmitry Vostokov -

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