Spying window messages: MessageHistory

Finally Citrix has got its own troubleshooting tool for capturing window messages. It is similar to what SPY++ does but more easy to use especially in a customer environment. Existing tools are useful for developers focusing on specific product where they know its internals or in the process of debugging. Customers and technical support need something different. From my experience, existing tools require too much effort for a customer who sees and tries to use them for the first time. On the other hand technical support needs good traces where nothing has been left out. So I sat down at my 64-bit workstation and spent weekend to develop this lightweight tool to let customers do minimum and record everything and thus avoid usual turnaround in technical support cases requiring capturing messages and at the same time simplify trace analysis (at least for myself). 

While developing this tool I discovered its major feature: ability to capture all messages from 64-bit applications (in addition to messages from 32-bit applications). All existing tools I could find capture messages from 32-bit application only.

You can download MessageHistory for free from Citrix support web site (requires free registration):


Check out also Citrix WindowHistory for 32-bit and WindowHistory for 64-bit platforms.

Currently I’m developing a presentation/class: “Understanding windows and messages: peering inside Citrix troubleshooting tools and their log files (WindowHistory and MessageHistory)”

Further plans are to develop more tools to track the history of various system events (in addition to windows and messages) and finally develop a toolbar to integrate all of them. 

- Dmitry Vostokov -

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