Malware Analysis Patterns (Part 21)

Hooksware pattern originally came from memory dump analysis pattern catalog and is too general for malware analysis pattern catalog. So we decided to factor out 3 separate patterns. The first one is called Patched Code and includes cases such as in-place patching:

0:004> u ntdll!ZwQueryDirectoryFile
77814db4 b8da000000      mov     eax,0DAh
77814db9 bae8af0500      mov     edx,5AFE8h
77814dbe ff12            call    dword ptr [edx]
77814dc0 c22c00          ret     2Ch
77814dc3 90              nop
77814dc4 b8db000000      mov     eax,0DBh
77814dc9 ba0003fe7f      mov     edx,offset SharedUserData!SystemCallStub (7ffe0300)
77814dce ff12            call    dword ptr [edx]

and detour patching:

0:004> u wininet!InternetReadFile
7758654b e98044ac88      jmp     0004a9d0
77586550 83ec24          sub     esp,24h
77586553 53              push    ebx
77586554 56              push    esi
77586555 57              push    edi
77586556 33ff            xor     edi,edi
77586558 393db8116277    cmp     dword ptr [wininet!GlobalDataInitialized (776211b8)],edi
7758655e 897df4          mov     dword ptr [ebp-0Ch],edi

In case of WinDbg such pattern is usually detected on the crash spot such as from RIP Stack Trace or from !chkimg command output.

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