WinDbg Reference Cards Version 2 (Page 1)

Finally, the new version of WinDbg: A Reference Poster and Learning Cards is under development. This time every page is published online for comments, suggestions and corrections which are very welcome. The format of every page follows colored memory space diagram where red cards are for native kernel space commands, blue cards are for unmanaged user space, and green cards are for managed .NET space (click on a picture to open a PDF file):

Download page 1 PDF file

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3 Responses to “WinDbg Reference Cards Version 2 (Page 1)”

  1. Marc Sherman Says:

    Nice but kernel space should be on the bottom and managed .NET space on the top! IMHO ;-) Just kidding…

  2. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    It reflects a stack trace from a complete memory dump, kernel is always on top there. Also .NET ends up in unmanaged space which is always on top in process dumps. So my depiction is natural, endorsed by WinDbg :-)

  3. [Nov 2012] Newsletter | FORENSIC INSIGHT Says:

    […] WinDbg Reference Cards Version 2 (Page 1) WinDbg 도구에서 사용할 수 있는 주요 기능을 다룬다. WinDBG 사용 시 레퍼런스로 참조할 수 있는 내용을 다루고 있다. […]

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