America, Empire of Liberty

Before I finished book I knew very little about USA history limited by my school education in former Soviet Union times. Now I feel more confident and plan to read 4 volumes of Oxford History of the United States and 16 volumes of History of America and not being overwhelmed by details. I’m also reading 3 volumes of The Cambridge History of the Cold War and the book provided missing context for the first volume. As a researcher of a history of Russian revolutions (a book is scheduled by OpenTask publisher for the centennial in 2017) I firmly believe that in order to understand a history of your own country it is beneficial to read about other countries. Then discerned historical patterns and insights can be applied to a different narrative.

America, Empire of Liberty: A New History of the United States

The book also has an overview of historical literature at the back which might be useful if you are interested in further pursuing special topics. Additionally the book provides the great overview of background historical material needed to understand modern cyber conflicts.

In conclusion, I must say I’d┬ánever thought before that US history was so interesting and I now feel great sympathy for this country.

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