Raw Stack Dump of all threads (part 4)

The previously published script to dump raw stack of all threads dumps only 64-bit raw stack from 64-bit WOW64 process memory dumps (a 32-bit process saved in a 64-bit dump). In order to dump WOW64 32-bit raw stack from such 64-bit dumps we need another script. After I found a location of 32-bit TEB pointers (WOW64 TEB32) inside a 64-bit TEB structure I was able to create such a script:

0:000> .load wow64exts

0:000> !teb
Wow64 TEB32 at 000000007efdd000

Wow64 TEB at 000000007efdb000
    ExceptionList:        000000007efdd000
    StackBase:            000000000008fd20
    StackLimit:           0000000000082000
    SubSystemTib:         0000000000000000
    FiberData:            0000000000001e00
    ArbitraryUserPointer: 0000000000000000
    Self:                 000000007efdb000
    EnvironmentPointer:   0000000000000000
    ClientId:             0000000000000f34 . 0000000000000290
    RpcHandle:            0000000000000000
    Tls Storage:          0000000000000000
    PEB Address:          000000007efdf000
    LastErrorValue:       0
    LastStatusValue:      0
    Count Owned Locks:    0
    HardErrorMode:        0

0:000:x86> !wow64exts.info

PEB32: 0x7efde000
PEB64: 0x7efdf000

Wow64 information for current thread:

TEB32: 0x7efdd000
TEB64: 0x7efdb000

32 bit, StackBase   : 0×1a0000
        StackLimit  : 0×190000
        Deallocation: 0xa0000

64 bit, StackBase   : 0x8fd20
        StackLimit  : 0x82000
        Deallocation: 0x50000


0:000:x86> dd 000000007efdd000 L4
7efdd000  0019fa84 001a0000 00190000 00000000

So the script obviously should be this:

~*e r? $t1 = ((ntdll!_NT_TIB *)@$teb)->ExceptionList; !wow64exts.info; dds poi(@$t1+8) poi(@$t1+4)

Before running it against a freshly opened user dump we need to execute the following commands first after setting symbols right:

.load wow64exts;
.effmach x86

I’ve also created a page to put all such scripts together:

Raw Stack Analysis Scripts 

- Dmitry Vostokov @ DumpAnalysis.org + TraceAnalysis.org -

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