Swarm of shared locks, blocked threads and waiting time: pattern cooperation

Here is further analysis of a memory dump used to illustrate Swarm of Shared Locks pattern. In that dump there were also exclusively held locks with many blocked threads:

Resource @ 0x8a04c408    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 344875
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 6
     Threads: 87eb3db0-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88573db0       87b90378       86a49db0       891f4610      
              8662b020       87127db0

Resource @ 0x89678e80    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 10261
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 2
     Threads: 87eb3db0-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              89131bf0       88d12db0 

Resource @ 0x88d099d8    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 562811
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 4
     Threads: 873611d8-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88b8bb88       88a72c50       89359af0       88d865e8      

Resource @ 0x86db9248    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 1382269
    NumberOfSharedWaiters = 2
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 11
     Threads: 86ab2020-01<*> 8769cdb0-01    880c77b8-01   
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              87bf4020       890dc020       874c01c0       884ef020      
              86913af8       875bab10       88e8a0d8       8923cdb0      
              894eca18       86aa6830       86f293a8     

Resource @ 0x873a88d0    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 719758
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 8
     Threads: 88d5f990-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              8759ea88       871b6db0       88117710       87cb4718      
              883eb638       87239020       881ad020       891b9188      

Resource @ 0x88c379a0    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 126686
    NumberOfSharedWaiters = 1
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 8
     Threads: 882b8020-01<*> 88951520-01   
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              877d34a8       8939fdb0       87fc5668       8851fdb0      
              86fad850       87f1f450       8a1749f0       876a78d0      

Resource @ 0x88ca9250    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 319721
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 4
     Threads: 88607908-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              86829370       892ae8e8       87205208       87b6d7e0      

Resource @ 0x86a90ef8    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 852830
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 12
     Threads: 87571640-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88a9c9b0       88a50db0       87117928       890e4c50      
              874ffb30       88b540f8       8705d020       8687edb0      
              87143188       8703e430       885b6aa0       8842bc50      

Resource @ 0x88954538    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 40708
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 1
     Threads: 87571640-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:

Resource @ 0x88617eb8    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 43531
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 2
     Threads: 87571640-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88851db0       87382c50      

Resource @ 0x87288bc8    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 644675
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 2
     Threads: 874e4508-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88863b08       89479650      

Resource @ 0x87c3d8b0    Exclusively owned
    Contention Count = 335064
    NumberOfExclusiveWaiters = 8
     Threads: 87f44520-01<*>
     Threads Waiting On Exclusive Access:
              88277190       88eceb48       87f0d308       8694d460      
              88461db0       876734a8       871721b0       88c2adb0      

All threads owning various locks exclusively are stuck in processing page fault code, for example:

0: kd> !thread 87eb3db0 1f
THREAD 87eb3db0  Cid 47ac.57c8  Teb: 7ffd7000 Win32Thread: bc151230 WAIT: (Unknown) KernelMode Non-Alertable
    8743e4e0  NotificationEvent
IRP List:
    8660c900: (0006,0094) Flags: 00000900  Mdl: 00000000
Not impersonating
DeviceMap                 e1003890
Owning Process            88e49918       Image:         csrss.exe
Wait Start TickCount      15420972       Ticks: 2527 (0:00:00:39.484)
Context Switch Count      1430991                 LargeStack
UserTime                  00:00:00.000
KernelTime                00:00:02.734
Start Address 0×75a8e96c
Stack Init a3cf7000 Current a3cf6430 Base a3cf7000 Limit a3cf4000 Call 0
Priority 14 BasePriority 13 PriorityDecrement 0
ChildEBP RetAddr 
a3cf6448 8083d5b1 nt!KiSwapContext+0×26
a3cf6474 8083df9e nt!KiSwapThread+0×2e5
a3cf64bc 8082629e nt!KeWaitForSingleObject+0×346
a3cf64e4 80826480 nt!MiWaitForInPageComplete+0×1f
a3cf656c 8084790e nt!MiDispatchFault+0xda3
a3cf65c8 80836c2a nt!MmAccessFault+0×64a
a3cf65c8 bfa38de0 nt!KiTrap0E+0xdc (TrapFrame @ a3cf65e0)

a3cf6a24 bf854a72 win32k!vSetPointer+0×36f
a3cf6a50 bf8b1b74 win32k!GreSetPointer+0×66
a3cf6a7c bf883183 win32k!zzzUpdateCursorImage+0×1cc
a3cf6a8c bf884b06 win32k!zzzSetFMouseMoved+0xd5
a3cf6ad4 bf81530a win32k!ProcessQueuedMouseEvents+0×1c4
a3cf6d30 bf86fd25 win32k!RawInputThread+0×5b4
a3cf6d40 bf898a52 win32k!xxxCreateSystemThreads+0×60
a3cf6d54 80833bef win32k!NtUserCallOneParam+0×23
a3cf6d54 7c8285ec nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc (TrapFrame @ a3cf6d64)

0: kd> !thread 87571640 1f
THREAD 87571640  Cid 49f4.65b4  Teb: 7ffdf000 Win32Thread: bc011680 WAIT: (Unknown) KernelMode Non-Alertable
    8870db90  NotificationEvent
Not impersonating
DeviceMap                 e24f6570
Owning Process            87be4a00       Image:         ApplicationC.EXE
Wait Start TickCount      15420974       Ticks: 2525 (0:00:00:39.453)
Context Switch Count      25640                 LargeStack
UserTime                  00:00:00.921
KernelTime                00:00:03.859
Win32 Start Address 0×30002658
Start Address 0×77e617f8
Stack Init 9a318600 Current 9a317b70 Base 9a319000 Limit 9a314000 Call 9a31860c
Priority 14 BasePriority 8 PriorityDecrement 0
ChildEBP RetAddr 
9a317b88 8083d5b1 nt!KiSwapContext+0×26
9a317bb4 8083df9e nt!KiSwapThread+0×2e5
9a317bfc 8082629e nt!KeWaitForSingleObject+0×346
9a317c24 80826480 nt!MiWaitForInPageComplete+0×1f
9a317cac 8084790e nt!MiDispatchFault+0xda3
9a317d08 80836c2a nt!MmAccessFault+0×64a
9a317d08 bf8b5485 nt!KiTrap0E+0xdc (TrapFrame @ 9a317d20)

9a317db4 bf8b526c win32k!vSolidFillRect1+0xb0
9a317f58 bf8ad7d2 win32k!vDIBSolidBlt+0×102
9a317fc4 bfa285d1 win32k!EngBitBlt+0xe1
9a3180c8 bf899b57 win32k!GrePatBltLockedDC+0×1ea
9a318160 bf8b32bb win32k!GrePolyPatBltInternal+0×17c
9a31819c bf8bd71c win32k!GrePolyPatBlt+0×45
9a31822c bf85e3d5 win32k!DrawEdge+0×23a
9a318274 bf8ae338 win32k!xxxDrawWindowFrame+0×170
9a3182d4 bf8847d1 win32k!xxxRealDefWindowProc+0×7a7
9a3182ec bf884801 win32k!xxxWrapRealDefWindowProc+0×16
9a318308 bf8c1769 win32k!NtUserfnDWORD+0×27
9a318340 80833bef win32k!NtUserMessageCall+0xc0
9a318340 7c8285ec nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc (TrapFrame @ 9a318364)

We also see that their waiting time is almost the same, 39 seconds. This means that the problem with paging probably started at that time before the crash dump was forced.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ DumpAnalysis.org -

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