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Some people asked about OpenTask publishing terms:

It is a well-known fact that average book is sold in no more than 100 copies. It is considered good if a book is sold in 300 copies per year which should break even with offset printing costs for several thousand copies. Print on demand is more economic but still there are costs to allocate an ISBN number and set up a title (about 100 USD), annual catalog maintenance fee of 10 - 15 USD per year, Ingram catalog advertisement fee of 50 USD, and a legal deposit book copy to British Library. Any title revision amounts to another 50 - 100 USD. A proof copy costs 20 - 50 USD. Therefore initial setup costs amount to 150 - 200 USD. Because OpenTask publisher is growing and wants to attract authors it offers the best possible terms for accepted book proposals that also balance publisher’s risks. After setup costs and annual catalog maintenance fee are covered by book sales an author gets 90% of the following sum - VAT: retail price - wholesale discount - printing costs (*). In return for 10% OpenTask offers extensive advertisment on affiliated books, magazines, blogs and portals. An author retains all copyright and OpenTask gets non-exclusive publishing rights. OpenTask accepts book proposals in various forms from initial conception without a sample chapter to complete manuscripts but at this time most of editing, proofreading and cover design must be done by authors unless a title has potential market opportunities and OpenTask helps with interior editing, formatting, proofreading and cover design and then bills them from future book sales. OpenTask works with leading industry distributors to make books available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other booksellers worldwide. If authors want to order copies of the book for independent distribution or give away signed copies they only pay printing, delivery and handling fees from a factory (**).

(*) Example: 6 x 9 (15.2 x 22.9) B&W perfect paperback book of 256 pages with full color cover costs 4.23 USD to print. If a retail price is 20 USD and standard industry distributor discount is 55%, then the author’s compensation per sale is 4.29 USD. If VAT is 20% the author gets 3.43 USD. Assuming that the title setup, annual maintenance fee and proof copy costs are 175 USD the auther receive his compensation after 40 book sales.

(**) Assuming that the cost of printing a book is 4.23 USD (*) and the author wants to order 25 books for independent distrubution the cost is 25*4.23 + delivery and handling fees (standard or express post rates apply).


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