Filtering processes

When I analyze memory dumps coming from Microsoft or Citrix terminal service environments I frequently need to find a process hosting terminal service. In Windows 2000 it was the separate process termsrv.exe and now it is termsrv.dll which can be loaded into any of several instances of svchost.exe. The simplest way to narrow down that svchost.exe process if we have a complete memory dump is to use the module option of WinDbg !process command:

!process /m termsrv.dll 0

!process /m wsxica.dll 0

!process /m ctxrdpwsx.dll 0

Note: this option works only with W2K3, XP and later OS

Also to list all processes with user space stacks having the same image name we can use:

!process 0 ff msiexec.exe


!process 0 ff svchost.exe

Note: this command works with W2K too as well as session option (/s)

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