Book: Windows® Crash Dump Analysis

After blogging for more than a year, accumulating initial amount of material and being persuaded by my colleagues at Citrix I finally decided to embrace a new challenge and write a book with a simple working title: Windows® Crash Dump Analysis.

The reader will master crash and hang memory dump analysis for process, kernel and complete memory dumps. The book will provide answers to many questions including those in the following list:

Memory Dump Analysis Interview Questions

and will also include guidelines for implementing SMART (Smart Memory Analysis in Real Time) process in a technical support or software maintenance environment.

As this is my first book I’m going to write the draft version online. More details and the link to Table of Contents will be announced in September/October.

I’ll continue blogging about crash dump analysis at the same time.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

4 Responses to “Book: Windows® Crash Dump Analysis”

  1. dcguan Says:

    Hi, Dmitry,

    I am very glad to hear this. Look forward your new publish..:-)

  2. heejune kim Says:

    it sounds really great!

    well, i’m the person who believe finding experts especially in crash dump analysis are really hard because those techniques and knowledge are able to be achieved by only huge experiences and long time. we strongly can assure Dmitry is the most appropriate guy who can do this. hope hear more news in detail soon. :D

  3. Taehwa Lee Says:

    Hi, Dmitry,

    I hreard good news from heejun.
    It’s very good things for device driver devloper and system admin.
    I hope that hear more news soon.

  4. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    TOC will be maintained at the following link:

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