Post-debugging complications

Real story: suddenly an application being developed started to leak memory very rapidly and in huge amounts, 100Mb per second. That application used a DLL that was known for memory leaks but those leaks were much smaller before. After spending the whole day debugging this problem a developer renamed the application just to keep its current version and launched it again. The same executable file but under a different name started to consume much less memory as before the problem. After renaming it back the application started to consume huge amounts of memory again. Scratching his head the developer recalled that he enabled full page heap (placing allocations at the end of full pages) 3 weeks ago…

The moral of this story is always to revert changes made for debugging purposes back as soon as debugging session is finished or to use fresh and separate debugging environment every time. The latter is much easier nowadays if you use VMWare or Virtual PC.

- Dmitry Vostokov -

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