As a part of my Master’s thesis I founded Wintel assembly language encyclopedia:

It is based on MediaWiki and I will start populating it from the end of January onwards. Information will be presented from dump analysis and reverse engineering perspective.

Currently I created some entries to test and collect comments, for example:

MOV instruction (x64 opcodes will be added later)

Instruction description will include:

  • definition and examples
  • x86 and x64 differences
  • C-style pseudo-code
  • annotated WinDbg disassembly
  • C/C++ compiler translation examples

Opcodes and mnemonics are cross-referenced, for example:


I use Intel and AMD manuals and disassembly output from WinDbg as reference.

Finally I can fulfill my desire to learn all x86 instructions :-)

Further plans are to start with ARM assembly language as soon as I finish most of Wintel part because I do development for Windows Mobile and I’m interested in low level stuff there.

- Dmitry Vostokov -

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