Malware Analysis Patterns (Part 4)

The next pattern is closely linked to packed and/or obfuscated code. We call it Pre-Obfuscation Residue. Depending on a level of obfuscation and/or packing some initial code and data structures and patterns including fragments of strings may leak in post-obfuscation data giving a clue to intended software behavior:

0:000> s-sa 00000000`00fd4000 L6000
00000000`00fd943d  "o__"
00000000`00fd9449  "91!We"
00000000`00fd945d  "H5!"
00000000`00fd94d2  "zQ@"
00000000`00fd94dd  "ommandS"
00000000`00fd94f4  “IsDeb”
00000000`00fd94fd  “uggerP”
00000000`00fd9507  “Enc”
00000000`00fd950c  “v)3Po4t”
00000000`00fd9515  “DeXU”
00000000`00fd9520  “xFe”
00000000`00fd952a  “5Eb”
00000000`00fd9533  “SI=l8kev”
00000000`00fd953e  “Z_1m”
00000000`00fd9547  “@IF”

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