Software Trace Analysis Checklist

Because the number of software trace patterns is growing I’m starting another checklist in addition to memory dump analysis checklist. The goal is to help experienced engineers not to miss any important information. The checklist doesn’t prescribe any specific steps, just lists all possible points to double check when looking at a software trace. Of course, it is not complete at the moment and any suggestions are welcome. This post will be modified on the ongoing basis.


• Check overall trace time delta
• Check no trace metafile message density
• Check whether a trace is a multi-part or a circular
• Check for basic facts and the story (software narrative)
• Check for any exceptions, non-false positive errors and periodic errors
• Check for significant events
• Check for discontinuities in the time domain
• Check for message current and acceleration in the frequency domain

- Dmitry Vostokov @ + -

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