All at once: postmortem logs and dump files

In the previous post about resolving security issues with crash dumps I mentioned the solution to use logs generated from memory dump files. In the case of process dumps the obvious step is to save logs by a postmortem debugger at the moment of the crash. Here WinDbg scripts come to the rescue. Suppose that CDB is set as a postmortem debugger (see Custom postmortem debuggers on Vista) and AeDebug \ Debugger registry key value is set to:

"C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\cdb.exe" -p %ld -e %ld -g -y SRV*c:\mss* -c "$$><c:\WinDbgScripts\LogsAndDumps.txt;q"

Here we specify MS symbols server and the script file. The symbol path is absolutely necessary to have correct stack traces. The script file has the following contents: 

.logopen /t c:\UserDumps\process.log
.kframes 100
!analyze -v
.dump /m /u c:\UserDumps\mini_process
.dump /ma /u c:\UserDumps\full_process
.dump /mrR /u c:\UserDumps\secure_mini_process
.dump /marR /u c:\UserDumps\secure_full_process

.kframes WinDbg meta-command is necessary to avoid the common pitfall of looking at cut off stack traces (see Mistake #1). In addition to logging the output of any command we want, the script writes 4 memory dumps of the same process:

- mini dump
- full dump
- secure mini dump
- secure full dump

My previous post WinDbg is privacy-aware explains secure dumps in detail. If you need to tailor dump file names and logs to include real process name might need to try the following or similar technique explained here:

Generating file name for .dump command

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