Generating file name for .dump command

.dump WinDbg command doesn’t have an option to include the process name although we can specify PID, date and time using /u option. This question came to me ages ago but only yesterday one of the visitors (Thomas B.) provided a hint to use aliases:

as /c CrashApp [get a module name here]

.dump /ma /u c:\UserDumps\${CrashApp}.dmp

Unfortunately an attempt to use lm command fails due to a line break in the output:

0:001> lmM *.exe 1m

0:001> as /c CrashApp lmM *.exe 1m

0:001> .dump /ma /u c:\UserDumps\${CrashApp}.dmp
Unable to create file 'c:\UserDumps\notepad
‘ - Win32 error 0n123
    “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

After some thinking I recalled that .printf command doesn’t output line breaks. Also the module name can be extracted from _PEB structure if it is accessible. $peb pseudo-register can be used to get PEB address automatically. Therefore I came up with the following alias:

as /c CrashFirstModule .printf "%mu", @@c++((*(ntdll!_LDR_DATA_TABLE_ENTRY**)&@$peb->Ldr->InLoadOrderModuleList.Flink)->BaseDllName.Buffer)

0:001> as /c CrashFirstModule .printf "%mu", @@c++((*(ntdll!_LDR_DATA_TABLE_ENTRY**)&@$peb->Ldr->InLoadOrderModuleList.Flink)->BaseDllName.Buffer)

0:001> .dump /ma /u c:\UserDumps\${CrashFirstModule}.dmp
Creating c:\UserDumps\notepad.exe_06ec_2008-08-13_14-44-51-702_06cc.dmp - mini user dump
Dump successfully written

These commands can be included in a script for a postmortem debugger, for example, CDB.

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