Memory dumps from VMware images

Although I haven’t found the way to distinguish the process dump taken from a physical machine versus virtualized machine there is a way to see it from kernel and complete memory dumps if VMware Tools are installed inside the guest Windows OS:

kd> !vm
         1098 VMwareUser.exe     350 (      1400 Kb)
         14e4 VMwareTray.exe     317 (      1268 Kb)
         0664 VMwareService.e    190 (       760 Kb)

In case of a kernel minidump we can check for VMware drivers (as we can obviously do with kernel and complete memory dumps):

kd> lmt m vm*
start    end        module name
bf9e6000 bf9faa80   vmx_fb    Tue Oct 04 08:13:32 2005
f6e8b000 f6e8ed80   vmx_svga  Tue Oct 04 08:13:02 2005
f77e7000 f77ede80   vmxnet    Sat Apr 22 23:13:11 2006
f7997000 f7998200   vmmouse   Tue Aug 02 20:07:49 2005
f79c9000 f79ca5c0   vmmemctl  Thu Jul 26 21:50:03 2007

If VMware Tools are not installed we can check machine id:

kd> !sysinfo machineid
Machine ID Information [From Smbios 2.31, DMIVersion 0, Size=1642]
BiosVendor = Phoenix Technologies LTD
BiosVersion = 6.00
BiosReleaseDate = 04/17/2006
SystemManufacturer = VMware, Inc.
SystemProductName = VMware Virtual Platform

SystemVersion = None
BaseBoardManufacturer = Intel Corporation
BaseBoardProduct = 440BX Desktop Reference Platform
BaseBoardVersion = None

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  1. heejune Says:

    after Microsoft has been released VirtualPC for free, it seems like more and more people start changing their vm tools. anyway, VirtualPC has also very similar processes and drivers.
    kd> lmt m vm*
    start end module name
    f7f43000 f7f57000 vmsrvc Sat May 05 20:37:40 2007 (463C6C84)
    kd> lmt m vpc*
    start end module name
    bf9d5000 bf9ee000 vpc_s3_bf9d5000 Wed Apr 25 05:18:48 2007 (462E6628)
    f829d000 f82b4000 vpc_s3 Wed Apr 25 05:18:51 2007 (462E662B)

    BTW, when I tried to make a crash dump sample for kernel stack overflow 0×7F-8 while preparing kernel debugging speech, I coudn’t get it from VirtualPC. I gueess VirtualPC treat it as an internal error, contrary to VMWare’s behavior.

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  5. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Snapshot to a dump:

  6. Marc Sherman Says:

    And there’s also Hyper-V saved state to a dump:

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