Memory Visualization and Security

This security warning is related to sound files and pictures produced by Dump2Wave, Dump2Picture and WinDbg scripts based on them.

These tools do not change computer memory data and it is present in resulting WAV and BMP files unmodified. Do not publish these files on Internet, otherwise you might expose your private or sensitive data.

If you use lossy compression afterwards, like MP3 or JPEG, all original computer memory content is lost and becomes non-recoverable.

Therefore, if you create a piece of modern art using Dump2Picture and want to publish it electronically always transform it into JPEG, for example.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

3 Responses to “Memory Visualization and Security”

  1. ClickF1 Says:

    can i see sources for Dump2Picture, to write Picture2Dump and search for private sensitive data ? :-P

  2. Shane Macaulay Says:

    Hey, I did a few things with process tomography also, I have a 3D WPF modeld heap visulization, I figure it’d be good to use an RLE that still has a colormap (most 32bit codecs versions drop it) to post-process or colorize significance in various areas of the bitmap.

    I did a heap one too, I’ll try to put up a animation or something as it looses some of it’s effect as static images.

  3. Dmitry Vostokov Says:

    Cool! In my approach certain aspects of memory structure arise naturally because component boundaries are filled with zeroes and therefore black. Also control blocks for heap are not black and this gives natural color separation for heap allocations.

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