Citrix Escalation Engineer (Dublin, Ireland)

Primary Responsibilities:

• Communicate with customers via telephone or written correspondence regarding technically complex escalated problems identified in Citrix software products. Manage relationships with those customers until the issue is resolved. These problems may not only be technically challenging but politically charged situations requiring the highest level of customer service.
• Receive escalated, technically complex mission critical or politically hot customer issues and maintain ownership of the issue until resolved completely.
• Acquire and coordinate resources from senior members of the escalation team as needed to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues.
• Manage hostile issues by setting customer expectations, devising action plans, and professionally communicating to all parties involved.
• Key technical interface to 3rd level engineering and product development for the resolution of high impact or pervasive issues.
• Develop and deliver technical training to other engineers.
• Report software bugs and customer suggestions.
• Write complex technical articles for knowledge base.
• Reproduce customer issues in-house and generate CPRs documenting reproduction steps.
• Maintain strong working knowledge of pre-release products and take ownership for product improvement in key product areas.
• Assist with selection of new team members.
• May act as a focal point in cooperative relationships with other companies.


Escalation Engineer I must possess excellent problem solving and communication skills. In addition, the individual must be flexible, dependable and have excellent time management skills. The Technical skills required for this position are a solid knowledge of the latest PC & Networking technology, Communication Protocols, and a strong understanding of all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems is needed.


• Position requires BS in Computer Science or at least one year of product support experience with Citrix products or equivalent work experience
• Citrix product certification and MCSE certification are a must
• Must also have at least 1-year experience in customer support or equivalent experience and have a positive customer service attitude
• Must be willing to travel

Global Escalation Engineer I Entrance Qualifications

The following areas in addition to current job performance are required before consideration for promotion to Global Escalation Engineer I position.

• Minimum of 6 months experience in Level 2 or equivalent work experience.
• MCSE Certification.
• A secondary certification in addition to the MCSE requirement. (e.g. MCDBA.)
• Demonstrated ability to write complex technical articles for knowledge base.
• Ability to properly escalate customer issues to the escalation team.
• Properly carried out an SME role involving training for at least one Citrix product.
• Demonstrated ability to properly repro customer issues in-house.
• Demonstrated ability to use in-depth troubleshooting to resolve or workaround customer issues using the appropriate tools.
• Ability to read and analyze network traces.
• Ability to understand the architecture and the interaction of the various components in complex software system
• Good troubleshooting skills including demonstrated ability to isolate the root cause to a reported customer issue.
• Good communication skills.

The ideal candidate would also have the following skills:

• Ability to read and understand C/C++ code.
• Have experience in Web application technologies such as SOAP, XML, ASP/JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl
• Have knowledge of Microsoft Windows programming technologies such as Win32, WMI, COM/DCOM, .NET
• Have knowledge of Database technologies including ability to write code in SQL

If you are a qualified candidate please send your CV to