Two questions

Two questions

Postby VDO » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:59 am

One of the users asked me these two questions:

1. How to setup AER (Auto Error Reporting) for customers, so all dumps can be uploaded on our server and processed automatically by kd script?
2. Is it legal to make web site where our customers can upload their dumps over http? I mean MS-Licencing etc.

The first one sounds more like consultancy work for me. I was planning to do the similar thing long time ago but on non-commercial lines: ... -analysis/

I hope to address this in one of my future books.

For the second question: I don't think there are licensing problems here (if you upload minidumps) but you never know - there could be problems with patent infringement unless you set up a site for your product technical support.
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